Xbrane announces four more patents granted

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Xbrane Biopharma AB (publ) (” Xbrane” or the "Company”) (Nasdaq Stockholm: XBRANE) has been granted four new patents by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). The patents resulted from the development of XdivaneTM (an Opdivo® biosimilar) and form the foundation for a broadening of the platform technology for the production of antibodies with high productivity and thereby low production costs in mammalian cells. This broadening is critical for Xbrane's future portfolio of biosimilars since a majority of biological drugs on the market today are manufactured in mammalian cells.

Recombinant proteins are produced via the introduction of a DNA sequence into a living cell instructing it to produce the protein of interest. Signal peptides typically function to prompt a cell to translocate the recombinant protein, usually through and across the cellular membrane. It has been demonstrated in the patents that certain nucleic acid sequences of the DNA sequences encoding the signal peptides, positively impact the production yield, i.e. the amount of the targeted recombinant protein produced at a given scale of fermentation. The patents relate to specific novel nucleic acid sequences known as TIS (Translation Initiation Sites) that have demonstrated to have significant impact on production yields of proteins. The announcement of the patents granted is available in the latest edition of the Swedish Patent Gazette https://www.prv.se/en/patents/patent-web-publications/

An international patent application claiming priority for the patents was filed earlier this year and this international patent application will be followed-up in commercially important jurisdictions.

With these patents granted and a further one that will be granted in November, Xbrane has received a total of seven patent approvals during 2021.

“We are an innovative company continuously strengthening our platform technology with the focus of having the lowest production cost in the industry of the biosimilars we choose to make. Going forward we will put more emphasis on building an IP portfolio around our platform technology to better protect and monetize our research. The recently granted patents cover new inventions that further strengthen our platform”, says Martin Åmark, CEO Xbrane.