Our whistleblower service

Xbrane strives to deliver value to customers, colleagues, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Our clear goal is to be an ethical company and a good corporate citizen who follows the law and existing Codes of Conduct.

A whistleblowing service provides a person with the possibility to alert the company about something that might not be in line with the law, organizational values, or the code of conduct, and that may seriously affect the operations and reputation of an organization. The Whistleblowing service is a complement to regular communication channels.

Xbrane is using a third party company – People Intouch – for this Whistleblower function. People Intouch ensures that you can raise your concern anonymously by using our Reporting channel. The Reporting channel can be reached on any device, including smartphones. We recommend employees to access the channel from a device not connected to our intranet.