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Xbrane Biopharma AB (publ) ("Xbrane") (Nasdaq Stockholm: XBRANE) announced today that the company has been granted three new patents during December from the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV). All patents protect genes that express antibody models.

The three patents SE 545 694, SE 545 714 and SE 545 715 were published in the Swedish Patent Gazette no. 49 and 51 respectively in 2023 and are protected until September 2041 in Sweden. The patents concern DNA constructs (genes) that are introduced into host cells, E. coli bacteria, which in turn produce recombinant proteins (antibodies) which are used as Xbrane's biosimilars.

“The new patents are proof of Xbrane's unique platform technology and operations. The patents constitute the intellectual property rights on which we base our business. They strengthen our IP portfolio and ultimately our opportunities to capitalize on our research in the long term,” says Martin Åmark, CEO of Xbrane.

Xbrane's platform technology results in lower production costs
Xbrane bases the development of its biosimilars on its patented platform technology that provides higher productivity and thus lower production costs for high-quality recombinant proteins compared to the standard systems for original drugs. Xbrane is actively working with its team of over 40 researchers to develop the platform and thereby further strengthen its competitive advantage as a biosimilar developer.

The team behind the new patents granted, consists of Xbrane’s researchers Kiavash Mirzadeh, David Vikström, Nurzian Bernsel Ismail, Patrik Samuelson, Mariusz Baraszkiewicz, Tagrid Salih, Kathleen Szeker, Daniel Chui, Santhosh Kumar Gudise, Per Edebrink, Maria Kadow, Karin Stefansson and Kristin Strandberg.

“I want to thank our skilled and versatile team who made this progress possible. I also want to thank the Swedish Intellectual Property Office for understanding the importance of these advances,” says Håkan Yildirim, Head of Intellectual Property at Xbrane.

Since 2020, Xbrane has been granted 13 new patents and another 45 patents are being evaluated in 33 different countries and regions.