The role of CEO is, subordinate to the Board of Directors and its main task is to carry out the daily management of Xbrane and the daily activities of the Company. The Board of Director’s rules of procedure and instructions for the CEO stipulate for which matters the Board of Directors is responsible to decide upon, and which decisions fall within the CEO’s area of responsibility. The CEO is also responsible for producing reports and necessary data for decision-making ahead of Board meetings and for presenting the material at Board meetings.

Xbrane has a management team consisting of ten people, which in addition to the CEO is comprised of the CFO/Head of Investor Relation, COO/Head of Biosimilars, Head of Manufacturing and Supply Chain, CTO,  Head of Clinical Affairs, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Head of Business Development, Head of HR and General Counsel.

Name Position Member of the senior management since Employed at the Company since Holdings in Xbrane
Shares Warrants Convertibles
Martin Åmark CEO 2015 2015 154,646 24,000
Anette Lindqvist CFO/Head of Investor Relations 2021 2021 2,000
Siavash Bashiri COO/Head of Biosimilars 2012 2012 110,970 7,000
Anders Wallström Head of Manufacturing and Supply Chain 2020 2019 4,503
David Vikström CTO 2014 2014 32,518 24,000
Dina Jurman Head of Clinical affairs 2017 2017 420
Maria Edebrink Head of Regulatory affairs 2020 2019 7,105
Xiaoli Hu Head of Business Development 2020 2020
Nina Ivers Head of HR 2020 2020 1,300
Erik Domines General Counsel 2021 2021 900