Xbrane Biopharma to present at Stora Aktiedagen on November 28 in Stockholm

Xbrane Biopharma will present at the investor conference Stora Aktiedagen, arranged by the Swedish Shareholders' Association, Aktiespararna, on November 28 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The company's presentation will take place at 12:50 pm. Xbrane will be represented by CEO Martin Åmark and COO Siavash Bashiri, who during the day are available at the company's exhibition booth at place.

The event will be broadcasted live via this link: aktiespararna.se/live

The presentation will be published and available on the company's website after the conference.

Click on the link for more information and full program >> http://www.aktiespararna.se/aktiviteter/Evenemang-2016/StoraAktiedagenStockholm/

About Xbrane
Xbrane is a commercial phase Swedish biopharmaceutical company specialized in High Demand Biosimilars and long acting injectables. Xbrane has world leading expertise in developing generics for long acting injectable drugs and proprietary high-yield protein expression technology for the development of biosimilars. Xbranes's headquarter is located in Stockholm and the company's in-house research and development facilities are in Sweden and Italy. Xbrane is listed at Nasdaq First North since February 3rd under the name XBRANE and Avanza Bank AB is Xbranes certified advisor. For more information see www.xbrane.com.

For further information, please contact:
Martin Åmark
Chief Executive Officer
M: +46 (0) 763-093 777
E: martin.amark@xbrane.com