Xbrane Biopharma’s financial year runs from January 1 – December 31. The annual report is published in February and the quarterly reports in May, August, November and February. Previously published reports are provided below.

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* In December 2015 the company changed its name to Xbrane Biopharma AB. All reports published before that date were produced under the name of Xbrane Bioscience AB.


Year End Report 2016

Swedish and English

Interim Report Q3 2016 (Swedish)

Interim Report Q3 2016 (English)

Interim Report Q2 2016 (Swedish)

Interim Report Q2 2016 (English)

Interim Report Q1 2016 (available in Swedish only)


Annual Report 2015 (available in Swedish only)

Year End Report 2015 (available in Swedish only)

Interim Report Q3 2015 (available in Swedish only)


Annual Report 2014 (available in Swedish only)


Annual Report 2013 (available in Swedish only)